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Ensemble scikit-learn aggregator

Aggregator wrapped around the Ensemble model of sklearn.

from typing import Sequence

import numpy as np
from sklearn.ensemble import BaseEnsemble

from darts import TimeSeries
from import FittableAggregator
from darts.logging import raise_if_not

[docs]class EnsembleSklearnAggregator(FittableAggregator): def __init__(self, model) -> None: raise_if_not( isinstance(model, BaseEnsemble), f"Scorer is expecting a model of type BaseEnsemble (from sklearn ensemble), \ found type {type(model)}.", ) self.model = model super().__init__() def __str__(self): return "EnsembleSklearnAggregator: {}".format( self.model.__str__().split("(")[0] ) def _fit_core( self, actual_anomalies: Sequence[TimeSeries], series: Sequence[TimeSeries], ): X = np.concatenate( [s.all_values(copy=False).reshape(len(s), -1) for s in series], axis=0, ) y = np.concatenate( [s.all_values(copy=False).reshape(len(s)) for s in actual_anomalies], axis=0, ), X=X) return self def _predict_core(self, series: Sequence[TimeSeries]) -> Sequence[TimeSeries]: return [ TimeSeries.from_times_and_values( s.time_index, self.model.predict((s).all_values(copy=False).reshape(len(s), -1)), ) for s in series ]